Siri, Do My Hair. Essentials, By Katarina

corralled my favorites and my absolute DO NOT BUY'S for hair care 101. I know, too kind of me.
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Hair aka 90% of your selfie.

Up until a few years ago, I probably got my hair cut/ colored maybe once a year IF THAT. My hair and I have been through a lot, but when I lived in Hawaii, it was as it’s prime -long and untouched. Literally, effortlessly, bleached from the sun, it had a natural Balayage that would cost a cool $500 on the streets, and the real kicker, I used L’Oreal drugstore products (this was the same time I was using St. Ives Apricot Scrub to wash my face EVERYDAY, morning and night lol, how far we’ve come).

As with most things with age, I’ve become wiser and perhaps out of sheer, vain interest to be as attractive as possible, I’ve done the research by beta testing products and techniques at a high velocity with an aggressive run rate of burning cash to hone in on what’s what for hair. Fast forward to today, I’m on my way back to my youthful island mane, one overachieving, multi purpose product at a time

These days, my commitment to my hair is pretty serious, we’re in sync, with a twinkle in my eye and a shine in my strands. As with any relationship, this ever flourishing bond takes work. Adopting low maintenance practices for something I’m compelled to do on a daily basis, is indisputably the only way to yield a beneficial result. FACTS. With any routine, consistency is key, so if you’re asking me to do masks and treatments every other day, or God forbid, request that I actually STYLE my hair, I can promise you it won’t happen.


 I know my fans would love to collect locks of my hair, and while I’ll consider that a contender for my first eCommerce product when I launch a storefront, it’s only fair I give you the 411 on my hair before you go buying the products I suggest. My hair is pretty standard. Not too thick, but definitely not thin (praise be), all the while seemingly as indecisive about who she wants to be as I am when I get dressed in the morning. We’ve got some serious wave-age, a decent amount of frizz, and overall dry texture when we strip it down to its naked form sans amazing products. My mom on the other hand, has legitimately ridiculous hair. What is this witchcraft? She doesn’t color it, nay, she does not style it, it just remains gorgeous with the help from some amazingly hard working, curl taming products. My dad and my dog both have no hair/fur, so we’ll keep the familial references exclusive to my maternal side. My grandma has the thickest jet black hair, and cheekbones you can see from space. Apparently she is Cherokee Indian, wondering where my tan is? I digress, the tea is, I also have some decent insights into other varying hair types’ tried and true products, so if you’re looking for something life-changing and your hair is different than mine, I’ve got you covered. What won’t I do for the fans, right?

Hair Cleansing & Conditioning

ACV Hair Rinse


Not Your Pinterest DIY: Put down the Apple Cider Vinegar. The DIY rinses are intensely clarifying, smell unpleasant, and will strip your hair color! It’s important to avoid over shampooing, and manage product build up on our hair, so what better way than a rise formulated to do just that AND hydrate beyond your wildest dreams. A little goes a long way, and the smell is surprisingly refreshing. If you have moderately wavy or curly hair, this product will be an absolute game changer for you. My wet hair is so easy to brush and I can air dry with this product alone. The best part? It’s only one step, so you can move on with your life. If you don’t give this a try, do you even care about your hair?

Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt

Christophe Robin

Fundamentals Are The Building Blocks Of Fun: High maintenance, perhaps, but when you think about it, your scalp is foundational to your hair growth and health. I wouldn’t add it into my routine if it didn’t deliver, and it does. Since using, my hair has more bounce near the roots where it would lay flat before. When using the product, you’ll probably notice that it’s similar to the sensation you get after you have a scrub done during a pedicure, you feel brand new. Let’s also not forget the added benefit of stimulation to the scalp that results in faster hair growth. Facts are Facts. With more need to relax and #selfcare these days, this product checks all the boxes. 

Moisturizing Shampoo


The Legendary Swedish Brand You Never Heard Of That Matters: Another win for the natural products team. I genuinely hate all other brands of natural hair wash. I’ve tried them all, and none of them really condition, let alone leave my hair feeling clean #hater. Enter, the exception to the rule, Sachajuan. This Swedish powerhouse brand has been making splashes for the last 5 years, and by far and away have the best shampoo on the market. My broken flyaways have taken off to somewhere, because they’re no longer visible. This shampoo smells EXPENSIVE, and leaves my hair feeling stronger and softer than ever. Its truly improved my hair, and I know it will for you too, so stop being mean to yourself and try it!

No Yellow Shampoo


This one time two summer’s ago, I had yellow hair: I was panicked. I had my hair lightened for a fun summer lewk, but something went a rye and I had a HAIRMERGENCY with no colorist in sight. Luckily, she recommended I purchase some purple shampoo, so I headed to a local salon, and amongst all the Kevin Murphy products, was this inexpensive miracle worker. Into the shower I ran, and out came the darkest purple goop I’d ever seen. Reluctantly, I applied and let it sit on my hair for the suggested duration, eagerly waiting to see what I had just done. Just like that, I had cool toned blonde locks sans brass. Since this incident, I’ve tried multiple purple shampoo’s and treatments to maintain my highlights, and this is always my frontrunner. It extends the life of my bright blonde strands, and keeps me out of the salon chair (anything to not sit for hours bored out of my mind). A few friends have called me mid hairmergency to which I’ve prescribed Fanola. The next day I get messages of thanks and blessings for introducing them to this lifesaver

Nourishing Conditioner - Mango Butter


Ran Out of Conditioner in Paris and Fell In Love: Seems I have a tendency to be forgetful. Headed to the closest drugstore, saw the familiar brand of Klorane (tried their dry shampoo, save your money), and ran out with this. Truly the thought of mango butter is what sold me, yum. My hair is thicker, so when I read that people only use a quarter size amount of conditioner, I laugh. Wrong again. I applied the smallest amount of this to my hair, and out of the shower, no tangles, swift brushing top to bottom. It’s fairly priced, natural, and it works, why wouldn’t I buy it again. Since my return to the motherland, I’ve purchased 6 bottles. 

Hair Treatments

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Color Wow

How To: Make Your Hair Look Like It Belongs In a Commercial: A spritz of this and your hair sucks up all the shiny and soft texture properties this product has to offer. I use this without fail, after every. single. shower. Even if I cant be bothered to blow dry, or do anything but “style” my hair in a messy bun, this spray is comin’ in. I took this with me on a trip to Tulum, where my hair should have resembled that of Albert Einstein, and ended up looking like I could have filmed an actual Pantene commercial. One of the greatest features of this product is that its effects don’t wear off after a rough nights sleep. Your hair maintains its smooth shiny look for three days after application, pinky promise. If you’ve read all the horror stories about sulfates, you’ll be pleased to know that Dream Coat is Paraben-Free, Gluten-Free, Sulfate-Free, Oil-Free, and Fragrance-Free. Now that is talent.

Platinum Blow-Dry Spray

Kenra Professional

Dry + Protect in Half the Time. I’m being serious. After applying treatments, I give my hair a spray all over the roots and ends to protect and serve! Hair will literally dry in half the time. I sometimes feel sad that it goes by so quickly since I’ve been using this product. After blowdrying, you’ll notice you have fewer flyaways, and zero presence of frizz. Still skeptical? It’s good for all hair types, and smells like juicy mango and water lily. I usually purchase the travel size because I used to be on the go a lot, and was judged for the amount of products I would hoard in my suitcase for a two day adventure. Travel size is a great way to give the product a try, and it lasts a fair amount of time. Thank me later

HIGH DIVE Moisture + Shine Creme


Your BFF For Air-Drying: Smooth, seal and moisturize in one easy application. I run a small amount through my towel-dried hair when I know I’ll be air-drying. It instantly prevents frizz, adds shine, and gives my hair more manageability for well, doing absolutely nothing to it. After using the cream, I live life in bliss with the comfort of knowing that she is vegan and free of all the disgusting sulfates my hair is far too regal to absorb. I’ve tried other creams that make similar claims, and while I’m not a fan of this brands other products, I keep the High Dive on deck at all times, ahh nautical puns.

Restorative Treatment Mask


Most Masks Suck, This One Doesn’t: I hate a hair mask. How dare you. The audacity to think I have the time and desire to wash, then towel dry, then apply, and then, I’m sorry, you want me to rinse… again? Yes- but this time it’s worth it. Do you like facts? Me too – During a clinical study 97% of women felt their hair was softer after just one use and 95% of women felt their hair was more moisturized after just one use. Show me the money! Will it get rid of split ends? No sweetie, only scissors can do that, but it will leave your hair looking like you’ve been doing the most- eating healthy and consuming all the supplements necessary for gorgeous healthy hair. I respect this hair mask for it’s natural based composition, and it’s consideration for my time, only demanding I leave it in for 2-3 minutes. What a courteous cutie.  

Hair Styling

Dry Texturizing Spray


Your Hair, But Sexy: This is my secret weapon. Well, kind of. Rumor has it one of these is sold every 60 seconds in the world. Flat Hair be gone. Say farewell to those crusty volume products, and hello to the only Texturizing Spray that will ever matter. This invisible spray provides effortless volume and a sexy texture, and is a brilliant alternative to dry shampoo. A little goes a long way – I’ve found my bottles to last around 4-5 months, so if you do the math… actually, you don’t even need to care what the price is because it’s important that you buy it for your own good. 

Texturizing Hair Spray


The Best Way To Boss Your Hair Around: When I combine this hair spray and the aforementioned texturizing spray, nothing can stop me. I’m untouchable. I’m a hairspray snob, and by snob, I mean I have high standards. This OUAI hairspray, while too trendy of a brand for my taste, delivers a lightweight, delicious smelling hold like no other hairspray I’ve used. Unless you’re attempting a Bella Hadid updo, there’s no reason to opt for a super sticky extreme hairspray. It literally damages your hair, so just stop it right now Mam. As depicted in the name, its also builds volume without giving your hair that undesired crunch because it combines the best parts of dry shampoo and hair spray. 

Platinum Silkening Mist

Kenra Professional

The Most Used Item When Girls Come to My House: SHINE? Essential. Hair that looks shiny, but also greasy? We reject you. I’ve been using this as a finishing spray every time I style my hair for over 5 years. The misty application feels luxurious and important (so like me). I originally stole my mom’s bottle, and have had mine depleted by passerby’s of my bathroom time and time again. Kat, what is that I just sprayed in my hair? It looks so shiny, where are my flyaways? I wouldn’t lie to you, they have all said this, and they never buy it because they just use mine. Selfish, but economical. The more exciting benefit to this product lies in its scent. People can tell you that you smell good when you walk by, but if your boyfriend has the wherewithal to mention how good your hair smells, you better take note. Enjoy the compliments – hoping people don’t STEAL from you too. 

Detox Dry Shampoo

Dry Bar

I’VE TRIED 10 DRY SHAMPOO’S. I use dry shampoo admittedly more than I should. Saying a dry Shampoo is a detox is a stretch because they can cause build up and irritate your scalp if relied on too heavily, but they do help you prolong your hair washing practices. This and the Batiste Rose Gold Dry Shampoo, are the only products worth your time and money in this category. They both smell great and work fabulously. The Dry Bar variation is less intense, but as effective as my drugstore recommendation, therefore it gets to have its picture featured. As per usual, another product I’m recommending that smells like a dream. Perhaps it’s worth purchasing for that reason alone.

Intensive Hair Oil


The Swedes Strike Again: Put down the Moroccan oil. Set your Oribe Oil aside. This intensive hair oil contains almost 10 percent argan oil, making it five times more effective than many other brands. Should you be so bold as to use it as a leave-in treatment, it’s absorbed quickly into hair, and actually repairs it without leaving a residue. I used Moroccan Oil for almost a decade before discovering this product after using their incredible shampoo and conditioner. Between this product range, and my fiance, I must really have a think for Swedish stuff.


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