So Long Unpleasant Moody Self, Hello Happy Girl

Ditch your moody energy with these simple steps.
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Not to brag, but it doesn’t take a global pandemic to give me a bout of anxiety and discomfort…

that imaginary friend lingers in the background more often than not.

I had my first panic attack when I was 19. I surely don’t have clinical anxiety, I’ve probably had maybe 20 other instances of this event, but sometimes when we aren’t dealing with something, our body manifests a reaction that forces us into submission. For me, my hands would go numb and my vision would go blurry, I would feel helpless and defeated. It was scary, and if it were to happen tomorrow, it would instill the same fear it did 10 years ago (wow I’m getting old).

What you must know is that I’m the kind of person who is solution oriented. I’ll try just about anything to figure out how to irradiate a problem. A lot of why I get anxious is hormone related, and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve honed in on how to now only be aware of it, but how to handle it. Now, while you may think I’m flawless fans, I assure you, I’m no Oprah. It all comes back to that concept of radical acceptance. So while we accept whats going on, we can still ease some of our discomfort, worry, and apprehensive energy.

As a person who operates on a go go go, more reactive energy, over time, I’ve happened-upon some compelling ways to combat that fight or flight, icky energy. Disclaimer: In case you forgot, I am not a doctor, nurse, magician, or archeologist, so be aware that I don’t have a platform to speak on other than what has worked for me. That being said, I’ve had some doctors tell me some really stupid things, so there’s also that to consider.


Why? What? How? Magnesium has been praised for its alleviation of sleeplessness, cardiovascular health, depression and is touted as natures first ever chill pill. Should you look into magnesium, you’ll discover that it just happens to be the main ingredient in laxatives (double whammy of benefits eh?) and can aid in preventing migraines.

I decided to give magnesium a try after reading that the supplementation of magnesium appeared to improve subjective measures of insomnia , sleep efficiency, sleep time and sleep onset latency, and early morning awakening from this study. I should also tell you that I started taking magnesium because I knew I was deficient in the mineral, as most Americans are due to both environmental and clinical issues. Sleeping is key for our health, and a restless mind can be challenging to tame, so enter Magnesium


Moon Juice

Chill Powder: Add 1 Teaspoon in water every night and board the train to chill town. The berry flavor tastes like a treat – I look forward to it every night. With three types of magnesium—the powder works to help ease irritability and stress. Nootropic l-theanine also supports alpha-wave activity in the brain to reduce stress and support brain function, alert relaxation, and healthy cognitive aging.

Magnesium Ease

The Nue Co.

Mellow Mood: My favorite topical Magnesium product and I’ve tried four of them! The Nue Co’s Magnesium Oil is easy to use and effective. Spray directly onto clean, dry skin and massage in before bed, after working out, or as needed. 3 sprays delivers 45mg of magnesium. Formulated with lavender and arnica oils, the product also efficiently aids relaxation and reduces muscle tension. Go Get Her.


So what you’re saying is that now I have to learn to breathe? Right. What a concept. Turns out, I’ve been breathing incorrectly for some time, silly me. I recently learned about the Wim Hof method, and while I haven’t made it through an entire video because I start to freak out when my arms go numb, I know his practice works. My plan is to build up to it – if I had the opportunity to join one of the guided sessions I would go all out, but left to my own devices, I’m a big baby. I guess it’s similar to workout classes – I thrive in an environment where I can be competitive. Does anyone else try to push harder than a random girl in their hot yoga class? Just me? ok, coo coo. If Wim Hof is similarly too intense for you, you can always try the 4-7-8 technique. Pioneered by Dr. Andrew Weil, and used by the ever illusive and superhuman Navy Seals. The approach is said (by smart people) as a natural ‘tranquilizer’ for the nervous system. It’s effective in that it floods the lungs with oxygen, calms the mind, and reduces any stresses that may be cursing you.I use this almost every night before bed. These days, I’m trying to stop watching tv immediately for bed (not always going as well as I’d like), but breathing seems to put me to sleep like a baby trapped in those weird Snoo straight jacket devices. Here are video introductions for you to try…aww your so welcome!


Like Candles? Fabulous! Congrats, you’re a great candidate for Essential Oils especially because NEWSFAHLASH, your candles are TOXIC AF. All of my doctor friends will laugh, but I’ve used peppermint oil for headaches, migraines and neck tension for three years and it has legitimately changed my life. Since then, I’ve discovered different blends (yes, I know blends are controversial, leave me alone, I like what I like) that promote relaxation, and encourage a little ‘me’ time- what’s not to like? While I fancy myself quite the evil sorceress, I’m not a witch or wizard that subscribes to the belief that essential oils are a cure all miracle healer, but in my experience they help! Here’s my logic: If I smell something and it reminds me of a happy time in my childhood, thus putting me in a good mood, why can’t an oil do the same thing. It’s clear that essential oils serve a purpose on the topical level, I’m huge on its scent-appeal (lol). I think it’s the most underserved sense we have and since I’ve recognized it’s wonder, I’ve been more chill, and pain free!

Best For Relaxation

Quiet Blend


Lavender’s Overrated: We all love a lavender moment, but true herbalists have more creative measures in place to achieve that zen feeling. This VITRUVI blend has Ylang Ylang, Geranium, Amyris, and Clary Sage. Cool, so what the eff does that smell like and how is it supposed to relax me mam?! The aroma? Powdery petals and warm tea. Are you following? This formulation is inspired by calm spaces filled with fresh flowers using non-toxic, all-natural, 100% pure essential oils to help you take ownership of your space & most importantly CHILL. 

Best For Headaches & Exhaustion (lol the DRAMA)

Peppermint Halo

Saje Wellness

Advil? No Need: This product transformed my life, and the lives of those who know me. I discovered it during a trip to the mall at one of their plant filled, delicious smelling stores. The salesgirl asked if I’d like to try a product, and applied peppermint halo on my hairline and neck. As someone who suffers from chronic tension headaches and tight muscles, this was a life saver. trust in Peppermint Halo! Not to worry, this isn’t your traditional peppermint oil roll-on, this is a blend of Peppermint, Lavender, Vetiver, and Eucalyptus, so it’s soothing and powerful all at the same time. If you try anything in this post, make it THIS.


Why do babies get all the good stuff- snacks, naps, and baths. At what point did we decide we didn’t need to do that anymore?! I am a serial bather. On average in one week, I take 8-10 baths, thats right, sometimes twice a day. Why? Science. A Japanese study found that bathing resulted in less stress, tension-anxiety, anger-hostility, and depression, in the people who bathed vs showering. Fear not, I shower every other day, but the baths are non negotiable. I first started bathing excessively when I started high school. I was obsessed with reading in the bath, and thus the addiction started. As I got older, I suffered from chronic neck and shoulder tension, and found baths helpful in relieving the annoying pain it causes. Science says that warm baths help ease physical tension, relax anxious muscles, and  can even aid with digestion problems, and lower blood sugar levels. So if you’re not bathing, you’re not living sis. Now, you wouldn’t bathe in plain water, but you’re also a woman of elevated taste, so bubbles simply wont do. Here are some of my fancy and effective bath products to live your best life.

High CBD Formula Bath Salts

Lord Jones

CBDon’t You Dare Miss Out On This: I’ve tried a lot of CBD products in my day, I’ve been an avid user for 6 years, and while I don’t think it’s a majestic cure-all, it has helped with my pain management. These majestic bath salts are not your average epsom salt. Melt away tension with this blend of pink Himalayan salt, arnica, Epsom salts, calendula petals, and essential oils. Handmade in small batches, every jar contains approximately 240 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD derived from hemp cultivated in the USA. The relaxing evergreen and citrus scent allows your senses to slip into chill mode.

Pink Himalayan Mineral Soak

Dr Teal's

My Everything: Why change a good thing? This mineral rich Pink Himalayan Salt revitalizes my tired, achy muscles and helps replenish  minerals in my body. I have tried their lavender and eucalyptus variants, but this is by far the best scent. Uplifting Bergamot and Sweet Orange essential oils are calming and bright. It’s like bathing in a summer hug, and it’s affordable. I have two on hand at all times, including their soap version in the same scent. If you’re feeling adventurous, they also sell bath bombs with the same formulation that are really fun! Happy bathing girl.


So… I’m a tea snob. So much so, that some would classify me as somewhat of a tea-fluencer. Many a bag of tea has been purchased, and adored on my suggestion. An honor, and a privilege. Since living in Hawaii amongst the many industries influenced and catering to the Japanese culture, my palette for tea has become sommelier- level. Herbs have powerful heath benefits if used properly, so why not get some work done, while you enjoy a comforting hot mug full of yummy tea to mellow you out.

Chamomile Lavender Roobois

Paromi Full Leaf Tea

The Chamomile Tea To End All Competitors: Chamomile works. We can all agree on that. Lavender is nice too, sure, but do you know Egyptian chamomile, French lavender and rooibos? oh, Well here they are. The South African Rooibos adds unique body to this floral and fragrant herbal brew and a slightly sweet, nutty taste. It’s so smooth. So calm. A cup a day will melt the stresses away. (But of course feel free to drink more if that’s your thing. It is caffeine-free.) Additional bonus points for a non toxic tea bag!

Reishi Mushroom w/ Rooibos & Orange Peel

Traditional Medicinals

$28 /6pack

The Chamomile Tea To End All Competitors: Chamomile works. We can all agree on that. Lavender is nice too, sure, but do you know Egyptian chamomile, French lavender and rooibos? oh, Well here they are. The South African Rooibos adds unique body to this floral and fragrant herbal brew and a slightly sweet, nutty taste. It’s so smooth. So calm. A cup a day will melt the stresses away. (But of course feel free to drink more if that’s your thing. It is caffeine-free.) Additional bonus points for a non toxic tea bag!


Poor mom, she’s always getting the SOS calls. Dad on occasions too, but she is the person that really does make it all better. Whether it’s a friend partner, or maybe even a dog, it’s nice to talk about how you’re feeling out loud to someone. Oftentimes, just letting it out can take the weight off your shoulders, and put it onto theirs, how selfless of us.