Welcome to another blog. Strike that. Welcome to a cool blog, think of me as the Regina George’s mom of blogs. So, let’s get down to this “About” business.

Who Is She?

Why, Thank you for asking. I’m Katarina. I’m almost 30, flirty, thriving – all the things. I live in San Diego CA, and have a dog with alopecia. I have A.D.D. (literally diagnosed three times), so yeah, you could say Einstein and I are well… one in the same aka geniuses.  I’m transparent almost to a fault, and have a tendency to care too much about what people think of me- but that’s counterproductive, so I’ve decided to not entertain that anymore. I love to write, eat, shop, read, learn, sing, cook, and participate in all girly enterprises. Let’s be friends – but only if you don’t expect me to call a lot, I’m only into low maintenance relationships. K Great!

What Is This All About?

So, I thought I did a pretty exceptional job of hinting at what this is…its a blog guys. Nothing too groundbreaking here but I’d give myself some extra credit for writing everything from scratch rather than regurgitating old content from another site.. Ugh, am I saying I’m better than other bloggers? My fans will tell you that’s the case, so it’s up to you what you want to believe. Now if you’re here innocently wondering what sort of content to find on this internet site, I’m happy to oblige. Everything. Like I mentioned, I have A.D.D. so the topics are endless. That said, you can expect some thought provoking, hard-hitting pieces on all things beauty, wellness, cuisine (aka food), and more. I hate when people write “and more”, I apologize, but I’ve been writing so much today, this is all I can give you. What do you want from me, I’m only human. 

What Do You Even Do?

Back in the day, the day of cool things like Tumblr, I had a relatively (lol she’s being shy) popular blog that I developed into an e-commerce site called The Little Gypsy. I took lots of photos in bikinis, and sold lots of said bikinis too. Since then, I’ve gone on to help all sorts of business varying from fashion retail to MedSpas. I’ve been working in digital marketing for 10 years, and while I’ve built a wealth of knowledge, I’m not interested in paying my bills with it…so read this blog and send it to your mothers and sisters and coworkers k thanks.

Why Are You Even Trying Girl…

This is something I actually say to myself on occasion, and while its totally rude, it has become my motivation for starting this venture. I’m tired of being mean to myself, and want to encourage others to have that a ha moment (hey Oprah, hey girl!). That moment where we realize being our own worst critic doesn’t serve us. Imagine if everyone with a dream, or even a simple interest decided they ‘probably weren’t good enough’, or they believed there’d be no point in pursuing something because other people are ‘already doing it”. I REJECT THIS. Yes its true, this blog will indulge my self improvement endeavors, but the more I push forward and stay consistent in my pursuit to be as famous as Melissa Joan Hart (the perfect level of fame in my opinion), the more people will start being kind to themselves and achieve greatness. xo Katarina (Tony Robbins)


My innumerable fans want to know, and who am i to deny them the opportunity to learn what makes me, me.

Who Would You Prefer To Be Stranded On An Island With That You DON’T Know Personally?

Wow guys, this is obscure. I’ll have to go with Tom Hanks. His experience in Cast Away would give him an estimated element of resourcefulness I’d surely need, and not to mention he is the greatest thing to come out of Concord California in the history of all-time.

What is your favorite past-time?

The first to come to mind, thus the most impactful, was the practice of organizing my school binder by subject with color coded dividers, and labeled tabs. Really gave me a sense of control in my youth, you know?

If you could choose any character from The Office to be your lifetime BFF who would it be?

Dwight. I won’t even justify this with a detailed response.