What you need to know. Never have I ever claimed to be a chef, and I resent the implication. Truthfully, my culinary skills fall somewhere between that of a Pinterest mom and college student. That said, I can take on pretty much any baking challenge, as long as you’re not asking me to decorate something, for nine times out of ten, that will only end in disappointment. I’m posting these recipes with the hope that similarly, skilled home cooks can enjoy fail-proof, step by step instructions to feed themselves, and the people in their lives. Rest assured fans, if I’ve shared the recipe, it’s good. You know I’m a woman of taste, so give them a try, and don’t mess this up!

easy greek garlic meatball recipe

Momma’s Summer Meatballs

I’ll admit, it’s not the most photogenic meal, but one bite of this hearty Greek-style entrée feels like the hug you never knew you needed

Recipe .02 Swedish Pancakes

These pancakes will ruin all pancakes that have come before, and how lucky you are that I was nice enough to share how to create them.

A Soup For Even the Soulless

The only soup you’ll ever care about, and the easiest way to eat a lot of greens with minimal effort. AKA The best soup ever, just make it already.