My At-Home Facelift

how 5 minutes a day made me ditch botox, and cancel my impending filler appointment
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I’ll come out and say it. It WORKS.

I fancy myself an instant gratification kind of gal-adopting a practice comparable to that of a Varuca Salt-esque optique. Typically, I can’t be bothered to toy with the countless beauty tools on the market -and yes, I’ve tried the lot of them. Try as I may, they all seem to fall in the categories of expensive, high maintenance, and candidly, wastes of time. Tools like a Gua Sha, and LightStim I’ll give a pass, but I surely lack the desire to sit under a light for 45 minutes a day, only to run to the mirror and see no real difference-  who has the patience for that?!

You know what, sometime’s I’m wrong. Sometimes the juice is worth the squeeze – Enter what I call the ultimate exception to the rule of beauty tools – The NuFACE Facial Toning Device, a staple in my routine, namely because it single handedly gifted my face with an IRL, wearable Instagram Filter.

A true black sheep amongst the beauty industries overly cluttered landscape of empty promises, the NuFACE delivers immediate results, with minimal effort, like a boss.


What is it? A gym, but for your face. Micro current technology is nothing new for the experts. You’d find micro current facials on the menu of countless fancy spas, an essential practice for skin gurus, celebrities, and renowned facialists. In fact they are modeled after EMS (electric muscle stimulation) machines used by said experts for decades, and its FDA approved, if you were looking for a vote of confidence.

So How Does It Work? The micro-currents’ stimulate the muscles in your face and put them to work (think of your face muscles doing tons of sit ups). I read a few studies indicating that micro current facials increase production of collagen by up to 14%, elastin by 48%, and blood circulation by 38%, I would reference them, but you can Google it if you have trust issues. 

Does It Hurt: You think I’d do you like that? No pain no gain doesn’t apply here. A brief disclaimer reading the instructions is probably a good idea. A lot of people online mention they experienced discomfort when using NuFACE because they didn’t apply a moisturizer prior to use. Well, If you try to shave without water, more than likely it’s going to hurt, so just follow the common sense guidelines, and you’ll be good to go.

Here’s The Tea: I first discovered this in my mom’s bathroom, to which I was concerned, because it was on display, and at first glance looked like something you may want to hide in your underwear drawer. She explained, and I gave it a try. A month later, I purchased my NuFACE Mini ($199) after researching the differences between it and its counterpart the NuFACE Trinity ($499) that comes with three attachments. Turns out, they both emit the same level of micro currents, and considering I wanted to see how committed I would be to using it, I decided against shelling out the $500 for the NuFACE Trinity (p.s. they have an entry level Trinity sans attachments as well). Other than opting out of the three attachments, the only differences between the two is the size and charging method. The Trinity come equipped with a stand, and is significantly larger, while the Mini fits perfectly in your hands (easier to use), and sadly, has no stand, but it’s not like we’re dying to put it on display, right?! I’d suggest trying the mini first, and upgrading when you’ve proven you’re consistency worthy of the investment!


Within 5 minutes of my first use, I immediately noticed my skin had been lifted, my eyes were rid of any puffiness, and my cheekbones, rivaling Angelina’s.

Like any effective beta tester would, I decided to only use the NuFACE on one side of my face to see what the real difference would be (if any. always a skeptic). By the end of the five minute treatment, I was speechless. The treated side of my face looked preserved, frozen in time from when I was 18, while the later, told all the truths of my almost 30 years. 

While the experience overall was seamless and exciting,  It would be #rude of me not to share that I did experience the taste of metal in my mouth during my first few uses. Save yourself the panic, it’s totally normal and goes away. I’m a hypochondriac so if I can do it, you can too!

Verdict: I’m almost done with my first month of use and I’m noticing my face shape has morphed into what I would imagine fillers would have done for me. I use my NuFace Mini five days a week in the mornings. It’s a commitment, but like with anything you do at the gym, consistency is key when working those muscles. It instantly shapes cheekbones, lifts, and plumps those weird jowel poofs that sit unwelcome on my face.

I’m a #1 fan of botox, at most, I’ve gotten 30 units in my forehead and around the corner of my eye, but I’m considering ditching the neurotoxin for this tiny powerhouse, considering the device almost entirely diminishes the appearance of my fine lines all on its lonesome. As someone quickly approaching their 30th year, I was deep into the consideration phase for filler, but from a cost perspective it makes more sense to purchase the device rather than the costly, more toxic injections. Less Money, Same Effect, CHECK PLEASE!


NuFACE Trinity® Complete Facial Toning Kit


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