The Fall Edit. A Musical Journey, By Katarina

A clustered curation good enough to listen to ALL season long. Listen to it shuffled for the full effect of my mood swings. <3
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fall spotify playlist chill tracks for cooking and daily listening

I’ll start this off with good tidings on your journey through my mind (it’s chaotic in here, hi).

*Spotify Link & Embedded Playlist Below If You’re Not Huge On Reading My Carefully Curated Words

We all know somebody who tenaciously runs the show with music, typically with little concern as far as what you could potentially think of their SHUFFLED, that’s right, shuffled tunes. The audacity. The chutzpah. That’s not me. I’m more of a chameleon; a monkey sees monkey do when playing music in front of other people.

I can also unabashedly admit to baited boys to like me by “sharing the same music taste.” Lies, it was all lies. I never liked The Growlers; they sounded like tone-deaf manatees (sorry). GG Allin? For context, I grew up in suburbia. What possessed this guy to think there was even a slight possibility I had even HEARD that music before? 

All the same, in my maturation process, I’ve grown to care little about what others perceive of me. Please reference my 30 Lessons in 30 Years Post for some genuine pearls of painfully-gained wisdom such as “It’s none of my business what other people think of me.” Can I get an Amen?!

So in light of this tangent, I present to you a playlist. A playlist for cooking, a playlist for crying, a playlist for dancing, for cuddling with your cutie, be it a dog or human companion. A playlist, nay a journey through the labyrinth that is my mind, and favorite songs this month. 

Scroll Down For In-Post PLaylist OR Listen On Spotify HERE



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