How A Meal Service Streamlined My Life & Made Me Happier

Pre-measured organic smoothie, flatbreads, soups, healthy bowls, snacks and even vegan ice -cream, what's not to love about Daily Harvest,
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and her name is Daily Harvest.

I’ll be honest. I find most meal kits and subscription services to be more hassle than they’re worth. Yes, they all seem to offer a remedy for decision fatigue that seems to plague all of us by the end of the day, but they also produce a fair amount of waste, and typically leave you with a massive mess in your sink. My thoughts are this: why not have something delivered that is moderately effortless (lazy girls unite!), is healthy, requires little to no cleanup, and allows for some culinary freedom (if you’re feeling creative, which lately, I am NOT).

When my mom called one day raving about this Mint + Cacao smoothie she had sent to her from Daily Harvest, I was indeed happy for her, but alas, carried on living my life. The following week during a routine facetime with my Dad, he was raving relentlessly about how yummy all of “these healthy bowls” were. Let me tell yah if Dad is gitty about something unrelated to electronics or photography, that’s my cue to pay attention.

So about three months ago, ironically, at the start of this seemingly never-ending quarantine, I caved and signed up for Daily Harvest. If I’m honest, at this point I had already seen the hundreds, rather THOUSANDS of ads they were serving me, and took notice of their cute branding, packaging, and snazzy recipes, but never thought I needed it seeing as how I make my own food and smoothies most days.

So just like that, I selected 24 items, and later that week, it showed up at my door with a series of personalized reminder texts all in the most adorable box. Like most people, I was under the impression that Daily Harvest only served pre-portioned organic smoothies, but WAIT, there’s more! The fun doesn’t stop at smoothies. Daily Harvest offers pre-portioned nutritionist-approved and chef-crafted superfoods in their hearty Harvest Bowls, Chia Parfaits, Overnight Oats, Soups, Ice Cream, and Flatbreads. Yes, they are vegan/ 100% plant-based, and somehow, they’re good. Don’t let the freezer bit leave you skeptical: fresh fruits, vegetables, and berries retain both their taste and nutritional value better when cryogenically frozen at their ripest point, which is precisely what Daily Harvest does best.

Now, the caveat, of course, is that Daily Harvest is expensive. Guess what fans, you get what you pay for, and in this case, the sentiment has never been more true. The quality of the ingredients and overall convenience factor has me willing to pay whatever sticker price, especially after using it for over three months.

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Here’s The Tea

  • Daily Harvest delivers farm-frozen, superfood based, pre-portioned, no-cook recipes, like smoothies, soups, and Harvest Bowls right to your door.
  • Don’t let the freezer bit leave you skeptical: fresh fruits, vegetables, and berries retain both their taste and nutritional value better when cryogenically frozen at their ripest point, which is precisely what Daily Harvest does best.
  • Easy to cancel and adjust order frequency
  • Most cups last 3 months, but they never stick around long enough in my house to expire!

How It Works

  • You can customize and choose between:
    • Weekly boxes with 9,12, or 24 cups or a Monthly Box with 24 cups total
  • The more cups you order, the price per cup decreases
  • Your Daily Harvest picks arrive in a cardboard box with an insulated cooler bag. The cups are on dry ice and conveniently stay frozen in transit.
  • For Smoothies, add your liquid of choice, to the fill line of the provided cup(I use Macadamia Milk- changed my life)
  • For Soups, add your liquid of choice. You can use bone broth, chicken broth, and even water – yes, they’re flavorful enough to handle only adding water!
  • For Harvest Bowls: Plop it in the microwave or pan, add any ingredients you’d like, whether it be a protein, or cheese (shhh), heat up, and eat!
  • For Flatbreads, bake in the oven, and enjoy
  • For Ice Cream, don’t bother getting a bowl, just grab a spoon and go to town


The Favorites

Cauliflower Rice + Kimchi

The Greatest Lunch Meal: Kimchi, the Korean dietary staple made from fermented cabbage, is loaded with good-for-your-gut bacteria. Worked into fried rice, it packs a tangy, spicy punch. I like to add a fried, or if I’m feeling particularly adventerous, a POACHED egg on top. Oddly enough, the cauliflower rice is crispy when I feared it would taste soggy. Daily Harvest just gets it.

Tastes Like: Kimchi Fried Rice

Tomato + Cremini Flatbread

Pizza, But Healthy: Vegan Pizza. Bold and smoky tomato sauce packed with fresh basil and umami-rich garlic is spread across a crispy, vitamin-packed cauliflower crust. Topped with delicate, earthy cremini mushrooms, tender asparagus, and sweet roasted red onions, this flatbread covers all the bases. You already know I add cheese on this, no questions asked, and yeah, it’s divine. Sometimes I even dip it in Hidden Valley Ranch shh…

Tastes Like: Umami-rich Red Sauce Supreme Pizza

Broccoli + Cheeze

I Ate Two In One Day: If that isn’t an indicator that I love this daily harvest bowl, I don’t know what is! Broccoli + Cheeze is a plant-based riff on the classic cheese sauce you grew up with. With sweet potato, bell pepper, and nutritional yeast for Parmesan-like umami, it packs in vitamins A and C for immune support and happier, healthier skin, plus 15 grams of plant-based protein. I don’t know anyone who WOULDN’T love this Daily Harvest bowl. Sometimes we add some farmers market cut sausage on the side of this. As an Italian, plant-based is something I, unfortunately, cannot commit to for every meal, so you’ll find me adding “the meats” to a lot of daily harvest dishes

Tastes Like: Broccoli & Cheese

Mint + Cacao Smoothie

Ice Cream?: Chip away at free radicals with this fresh mint chocolate dream. This blend tastes like a treat, but the cacao nibs and chlorella work hard to protect your body from harmful compounds such as heavy metals and other environmental toxins. I use Macadamia Nut Milk in all of the Daily Harvest smoothies, and for whatever reason, this flavor in particular tastes like a decadent dessert.

Tastes Like: Mint Chip Ice Cream

Pineapple + Matcha Smoothie

Just Add Rum (jk): I could drink 3 of these in one sitting. I try my best to drink smoothies with some green in them, and this checks the box! If you like piña coladas and getting caught in the rain, chances are you’ll love this drink too. Filled with manganese- and Vitamin C-rich pineapple and fat-burning coconut plus a dose of green tea’s power-cousin matcha, this blend will get you going in the morning in a way that actually getting caught in the rain never would

Tastes Like: Vacation aka Pina Colada

Cauliflower + Leek Stew

Skip The Potatoes: Skip the potatoes. My favorite thing I could eat every day. It’s so mild, yet hearty, and it always hits the spot. A twist on a French classic, featuring a fiber-rich dose of all the good stuff – cauliflower, spinach, leeks, and celery root – that just so happens to be good for you, too. Get your daily fill of veggies (not to mention vitamins and minerals galore) in one seriously satisfying soup. You’re welcome. If you don’t think this will be enough food for a meal, you’re probably right. I will usually make this soup and a healthy half sandwich or piece of garlic toast on the side. 

Tastes Like: Potato Leek Soup, but better tbh


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